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Video Literate
You may have noticed that as the news business morphs into the Digital Age, big-time newspaper Web sites are beginning to fill up with short video stories. This Q&A; interview with Ann Derry, who is in charge of videos at the New York Times, explores the shift from the standard TV news bits to mini-documentaries.

The Franchise
James Patterson is the kind of anti-literary writer we love to hate. The vet schlockmeister sells more than any living writer, and he and his writing team are currently working on 22 novels. “A lot of times, you know, good sentences get in the way of a good story,” he says blithely in this interview from his home in Palm Beach. But his working methods are interesting, and the old devil lays them out with a certain charm.

The Telegraph 

Stories from the Edge
Nonfiction books can generate great emotion simply from the reader’s knowledge that the events described in them are, in a sense, true. Perri Klass reviews books by two MDs – a palliative care doctor who tells how patients respond to an awareness of their impending death and a physician/patient who, drawing on art and literary sources, probes The Language of Pain.

Washington Post

Why Mashups and Zombies Won’t Stop
Several times a week we are reminded that there are more things in publishing than our grandmothers ever dreamed of. Haven’t read the hit “novel” Pride & Prejudice & Zombies – in which the undead start showing up in Jane Austen’s classic story – but there are more mashups (was ever a metaphor more apt?) on the way. Next up: Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter.
Publishers Weekly

Of Plagiarists and Pirates

It is a truth universally acknowledged that writers have always cribbed from other writers. Why then the big flap in France recently when one author accused another of “psychological plagiarism”? In this entertaining think piece Robert McCrumb traces the history of literary plagiarism from Shakespeare to the latest thing, “appropriation art.”
The Guardian

The Thinking Cat Meme
Ted the Cat recently appeared as a guest blogger on 317am and became a crowd favorite on Facebook. But Ted is not the only articulate cat out there. Klaatu42 of Nova Scotia has a line of talking-cat videos on his YouTube channel. ”What Cats Are Really Thinking” has gone viral with more than 1.7 million page views, but we like this one – “Talking Cat Turf War” – better. These video cats, it must be said, make Ted sound like T.S. Eliot.


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  1. They described Dan Quayle to us as "video literate" at one of our briefings in junior officer training lo these many years ago.

  2. That's what the NYT's Ann Derry says we all need to be – video literate. Guess Dan Q was ahead of his time.

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    after 5pm and weekends.

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