The House Cat in Winter

Lately our boy Ted has seemed a little subdued.  Subdued and uncharacteristically introspective.  The holidays are over and the house has settled down.  Let’s hope it’s just a matter of having too much—forgive me for saying this—time on his paws.  

mr big says i’m standing funny
he wonders if i’ve got feline arthritis
which i didn’t even know existed
and he’s talking louder to me like
i’m hard of hearing and he’s not
cussing anymore when i don’t make it
to the litterbox like he figures
it’s not my fault
like he knows something i don’t
vis-a-vis my health
i gotta say i don’t feel old
particularly while napping but
i’m thinking that maybe i ain’t that
young anymore

the passage of time is a tough concept
for humans they’re surprised by it they
can’t imagine that they can lie there doing
nothing and still get carried along
so that they’ll wake up in the morning
in one place and go to bed at night
someplace else

but yes my friends that’s how it is and
who says it’s a bad thing?
i never liked a warm spot by a heating duct
near so much as now and i never got
picked up so much and placed on the
table or the couch
it beats working up the ambition to leap
which is itself a leap
if i may wax philosophical

so much thinking makes me drowsy and the fact
there’s snow on the ground this morning
makes me drowsier speaking of which
do you watch ncis i like the israeli girl more
than the girl in the lab who looks like a kid
at the door on halloween
these are things you ponder when
you’re wedged up against mrs big in the tv room
and your stomach’s rumbling but you’re too
lazy to get up though like i said
you probably don’t need to get up
to get carried along

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