Ted’s Got Game

With the NCAA Mens Basketball Tournament on the tube practically around the clock at our house, Ted’s been getting a steady dose of hoops this past week.  “Teddy Bear,” I said as the first round was starting.  “I have not seen your brackets.”   Ted looked up with the look of one who’d seen it all before.  After all, this is his 18th NCAA Tournament.  “Now that I think about it,” I said.  “You’re pretty much a natural athlete.  How come you never played the game?”   Later on—it was while I was basking in the warm glow of Duke’s second-round loss to Lehigh—I found this on the monitor upstairs.

personally i can dribble with either front paw
but my cross-over is unsteady and dribbling
between my legs is really really complicated
not to mention that the ball is bigger than me
so there’s that and also rebounding which is an issue
when you don’t have opposable thumbs
on the other hand i am a superb shot-blocker
my vertical leap is sick
and i can run the court all day
though i must say sometimes i get distracted
and  wander off
the same goes for other cats
it is hard to run plays when it’s cats
who are playing try calling the give and
go when it’s felines you just can’t get one
to give up the ball or the other one to catch it
nature of the animal i guess though all of us are
superbly equipped to sit on the couch jammed up
against somebody warm and root like crazy against

One Response to Ted’s Got Game

  1. Keep rooting, Ted,
    keep rooting and
    sit on the couch
    jammed snugly up
    against he who is
    cozy and warm.
    Forget about dribbles,
    be damned the crossing-overs
    and the ball? Ha, the ball…
    One appropriate word, which is:
    Do your vertical leap,
    plonk onto the couch,
    snuggle up and
    keep rooting, Ted,
    rooting like crazy, like a Mad Cat
    ‘gainst Duke.

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