Ted the Cat Feels the Sap Rise

These days I pay a lot of attention to Ted’s appearance—his weight, his coat, his posture—and his behavior . . . his appetite, the weird squeaky noises he makes, his attention to (ahem!) sanitation issues, his interest in playing, his enthusiasm for the world outside the window.  Our boy ain’t gettin’ any younger, that’s for sure.  Yet he surprised me the other day by managing to hop up on the window sill, just like the young athlete he once was, and staring intently out into the yard, just like the old days.  Spring is here.  I listened for awhile with him to the riot of birdsong going on outside.  “The blood’s up, eh, Teddy Bear?” I said.  I could have sworn just then that he gave me a conspiratorial wink.  Later I found this on the monitor upstairs.

i am a domestic cat
but i have never been a
domesticated cat
i may live mostly on the couch
but i am not of the couch
because let me tell you bigster
i have dreams in my head
fire in my cells
mischief in my loins
okay maybe not mischief in my loins
but music in my ears and sweetness on my tongue
these are the days of miracles and wonder bigster
the freedom of the mind to rocket through the skies
this old bag of half-digested kibbles has the soul
of eons in his eyes and though he may not move
very quick on the outside on the inside
he’s lightning in a bottle so
how about we go out for a
burger or something?

10 Responses to Ted the Cat Feels the Sap Rise

  1. Teddy boy, I watched a boring movie yesterday, streaming onto my kindle. Elegy. 70 year old man worries about aging, but then gets an affair with Penelope Cruz. Sure, it was fiction. But just think about it. I know I did. Of course, he was New Yorker literate, friend to poets. Urbane. Witty. Much like you, Probably blogged. Vacationed abroad. Browsed art. All in all, made me wish I’d got an MFA, not an MBA. Then I might like rhymeless poetry. Hmmm. Then I might not ramble incoherently……hang in there Ted. Enjoy the burger.

    • Tigre, in cat years, Ted’s 85. And pretty much out of the game since getting spayed. On the other hand, watching cable while sitting in Penelope Cruz’s lap might be pretty good, no?

      • Lesley Pendleton Apr 11, 2012 at 8:52 am

        Nothing like a beautiful woman’s lap to put a spring in the step. Does Ted have a netflix account?

  2. Uplifting, sweet, sad, heartening, disheartening, loving, hopeful – - all at the same time.

  3. A wonderful post and beautiful cat. I just lost my own cat to horrible cancer, and your post reminded me of the many glimmers of a younger Ollie he continued to show until the end. They have so much spirit in them.

  4. Jonas Brother Bob Apr 12, 2012 at 8:58 pm

    I love reading about Ted. He seems like a very fine cat. Keep it up.

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