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Ted the Cat Feels the Sap Rise

image of Ted the Cat

These days I pay a lot of attention to Ted’s appearance—his weight, his coat, his posture—and his behavior . . . his appetite, the weird squeaky noises he makes, his attention to (ahem!) sanitation issues, his interest in playing, his … Read more »

I Am Waiting

image of Lawrenbce Ferlinghetti in 1959

It was the poet Wordsworth who said that in getting and spending we lay waste our powers.  These days, Lord knows, I still do plenty of spending.  As far as “getting” is concerned, well, I’m still getting up every morning—does … Read more »

I’m Not a Friend, but I Play One on Facebook

image of a cartoon in which a dog goes on facebook

The other morning I was on Facebook when the chat box opened and this message from my friend Judith appeared: “Steve my dear, I´m cleaning up my friends list, and keep just those who are visiting my wall frequently… sorry … Read more »

My Terps: The Wait Was Worth It

image of Gary Williams and Maryland Terrapins celebrating 2002 NCAA Mens Basketball Championship

Indulge me today in a bit of nostaligia.  Tonight it’s Kentucky vs. Kansas for the 2012 NCAA Mens Basketball Championship. Ten years ago, it was Maryland vs. Indiana—Terps vs. Hoosiers—and my Terps won the game. Did I say a bit … Read more »

Ted Offers Encouragement in a Time of Need

image of a close-up of ted the cat

I was feeling really blue earlier tonight.  Online technology—or perhaps my own technological inadequacies—had let me down once again.  I had spent hours and hours on a writing project for 317am.net, and after doing everything I thought I ought to … Read more »

Pizza and Beer? How About a Miracle for Dinner?

image of a couple being served pizza and beer

About 50 years ago someone taught me that green plants need only sunlight, water, and air to survive and grow.  This seemed to me a miracle, and so it was portrayed—that is, a miracle as compared with animals and people, … Read more »