Kaze’s Life & Times

At 317am, Time to Dim the Lights

image of barack obama raising a glass of beer

Today’s post–and trust me, it was no easy call–is my last for 317am.  It’s the last for any of us—whether Kaze, Ras, or Ted the Cat—till  who knows when.  We may be back someday, but we just don’t know. On … Read more »

The Man Who Knew Everyone

image of painting of Count Harry Kessler by Edvard Munch

The most interesting thing I’ve read this week was an article in the New Yorker called “Diary of an Aesthete,” by Alex Ross.  It’s about Count Harry Kessler, who, in 1868 “was born in Paris, the son of a wealthy … Read more »

Kaze: Through with Pauline Kael

image of a german poster for "the Red Shoes"

A couple of Fridays ago I tucked myself in on the couch and watched, for the fourth or fifth time, The Red Shoes. I’m no expert on ballet movies, but my guess is that The Red Shoes is the most … Read more »

Not Every Critic’s a Parasite, but . . .

image of Truman Capote's "In Cold Blood"

(Author’s note: I was about to post an illustration today of why I loathe Pauline Kael–I find that returning to her movie reviews is like picking at a scab–when I realized I’d posted a more temperate, less ad Kaelinam, piece … Read more »

I Am Waiting

image of Lawrenbce Ferlinghetti in 1959

It was the poet Wordsworth who said that in getting and spending we lay waste our powers.  These days, Lord knows, I still do plenty of spending.  As far as “getting” is concerned, well, I’m still getting up every morning—does … Read more »

I’m Not a Friend, but I Play One on Facebook

image of a cartoon in which a dog goes on facebook

The other morning I was on Facebook when the chat box opened and this message from my friend Judith appeared: “Steve my dear, I´m cleaning up my friends list, and keep just those who are visiting my wall frequently… sorry … Read more »