Kaze’s Life & Times

My Terps: The Wait Was Worth It

image of Gary Williams and Maryland Terrapins celebrating 2002 NCAA Mens Basketball Championship

Indulge me today in a bit of nostaligia.  Tonight it’s Kentucky vs. Kansas for the 2012 NCAA Mens Basketball Championship. Ten years ago, it was Maryland vs. Indiana—Terps vs. Hoosiers—and my Terps won the game. Did I say a bit … Read more »

Pizza and Beer? How About a Miracle for Dinner?

image of a couple being served pizza and beer

About 50 years ago someone taught me that green plants need only sunlight, water, and air to survive and grow.  This seemed to me a miracle, and so it was portrayed—that is, a miracle as compared with animals and people, … Read more »

“In a Dark Time”

image of Theodore Roethke

I was sitting with my friend Curtis in his backyard the other night.  It was balmy for March.  I had my feet up and I was smoking a nice Arturo Fuente and drinking Curtis’s fine bourbon over ice.  Since Curtis … Read more »

Asteroid Strikes Kaze’s World

image of asteroid hitting earth

As you may already have heard, we inhabitants of Earth are in for some serious roughage on December 21st.  This time they’re not kidding:  Here comes the lock-cinch, ineluctable, this-time-we-mean-it, End of The World. Some guy named John has a … Read more »

You and Your Godlike Powers

image of FCPS ACE program "Writing a Short Story" students, February 2012

I had a little fit of insight the other night while in my short story class. We were sitting around discussing how our first drafts had turned out. It was the final class—thought of by some as The Dread Reckoning—when … Read more »

A Sonnet About My Pancreas

image of a drawing of the human pancreas

Several years ago my doctor saw some routine lab work of mine and thought my blood sugar level was too high. But before taking out the prescription pad, he wanted—reasonably enough—to make certain that my pancreas was, in fact, on … Read more »