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The Wages of Addiction

Image of Hunter Thompson

Lately I’ve been facing an impending crisis that I’ve been hesitant to talk about. Generally, we don’t like to advertise our dependencies, but we writers are prone to substance problems, and I’m no exception.  It takes just a moment on … Read more »

Valentine’s Day, Two Weeks Late

image of a young ric ocasek and paulina porizkova

I’m late with a post on love.  Sorry.  Didn’t have anything to share back on Valentine’s Day.  But today I do. It’s a passage from Robert Burton’s Anatomy of Melancholy, which is one of those treasure-chest classics you keep by … Read more »

Show a Little Faith, There’s Magic in the Night

Image of manuscript of Dylan song.

(I thought it was worth revisiting this piece, which I posted back in December 2010. Two reasons: The Boss has been back in the news lately with a new album and upcoming concert tour.  And my students have this week … Read more »

“I wake to sleep, and take my waking slow.”

image of a color portrait of theodore roethke

A few weeks ago I shared a poem with you here called “I Knew a Woman,” by Theodore Roethke.  I seem to be in my Roethke period.  Whenever I read someone who says, better than I ever could, what I … Read more »

How Did You Get to Be You?

image of a woman holding a book up in front of her face

Have you ever wondered how you got to be you?  Why you love Frank Sinatra?  Why you hate curry?  Where did you get that sense of humor?  Why are you bookish?  So scared of water?  So resentful of authority?  How … Read more »

A Thanks for Gordon Lightfoot

image of Gordon Lightfoot back in the day

Here in Washington DC last week—the last week in January—the temperature hit 65 and the sky burned a fathomless blue. This could be just a harbinger of some climatological catastrophe in which the rivers dry up and the cows keel … Read more »