Ras on New Media

Take Back Your Fingertips: The Seven Habits of Web-Balanced People

Photo close-up of bees in hive.

Yesterday’s post on MIT thinker Sherry Turkle’s warnings about the perils of over-connectivity got me to thinking about a fundamental question. How do you limit usage of social media, smart phones, and the Internet generally in ways that enable you … Read more »

Connectivity and Its Discontents

Photo of Sherry Turkle with "sociable robot" named Cog.

I’ve borrowed the title for this post from a clever line in Sherry Turkle’s 2011 book Alone Together: Why We Expect More from Technology and Less from Each Other. Turkle, a clinical psychologist who is director of MIT’s Initiative on … Read more »

How To Blog About Books You Haven’t Read

Photo of Pierre Bayard.

Regulars at 317am may have noticed that I’ve been pushing the envelope lately – blogging about movies I haven’t seen one day and about romance novels I haven’t read another. Ordinarily, I’d would feel uneasy about this sort of chutzpah, … Read more »

The REAP: New Stat Sweeps Blogosphere

Photo of Jonah Hill in Moneyball.

I have to confess that title is what Huck Finn would call “a stretcher.” A revised version might read, “A Statistic About Blog Posts That I Just Invented While Playing Around in Google Analytics Will Some Day Become a Standard … Read more »

Sprucing up Your LinkedIn Teaser

Photo of family dressed for church.

Have you maximized your “teaser” in LinkedIn? Do you know what your teaser is? If you said yes to the first question, you’re probably one of the very few digerati who read 317am. If you said no to the second … Read more »

Social Media: Vicious Circles or Virtuous Circles?

Illustration of bluesman Robert Johnson, the devil, and a crossroads.

Economists like to talk about “virtuous circles” and also their opposite, “vicious circles.” The Wikipedia editors do a fine job of succinctly defining these phenomena: They refer to a complex of events that reinforces itself through a feedback loop. A … Read more »