Ted the Cat

Go Ahead Bird, Go Ahead and Sing

image of Ted the Cat at the window

Spring has officially sprung around here and on the lawn the robins hunt worms.  The sight of the first robins has been positively mesmerizing to our Ted for many an April morning going on 18 years.  These days I have … Read more »

Nashville Cat

image of Ted the Cat looking a little forlorn

I spent the weekend in Nashville, visiting my middle daughter, Elizabeth.  Nashville has its attractions—the music, the restaurants, the honky-tonks, the (shall we say) colorful tourists.  For me, however, it has Elizabeth—sufficient reason to travel anywhere on earth.  We spent … Read more »

Ted the Cat Feels the Sap Rise

image of Ted the Cat

These days I pay a lot of attention to Ted’s appearance—his weight, his coat, his posture—and his behavior . . . his appetite, the weird squeaky noises he makes, his attention to (ahem!) sanitation issues, his interest in playing, his … Read more »

Ted Offers Encouragement in a Time of Need

image of a close-up of ted the cat

I was feeling really blue earlier tonight.  Online technology—or perhaps my own technological inadequacies—had let me down once again.  I had spent hours and hours on a writing project for 317am.net, and after doing everything I thought I ought to … Read more »

Ted’s Got Game

image of Ted the Cat

With the NCAA Mens Basketball Tournament on the tube practically around the clock at our house, Ted’s been getting a steady dose of hoops this past week.  “Teddy Bear,” I said as the first round was starting.  “I have not … Read more »

Ted Explains the Allure of the Paper Shredder

image of ted the cat by the paper shredder

As I mentioned last time, our boy Ted the Cat has become quite the wandering feline these past several months.  You never know where he’ll show up.  Not that our house is so big to begin with, but Ted’s amazing … Read more »