Ted the Cat

Ted Protests the Mess Around Here

image of ted the cat in a messy room

Ted’s been sleeping recently in new places.  He used to be a reliable napper; if you were looking for him, all you had to do was check the mangy blue blanket in the corner of the couch in the den.  … Read more »

No Country for Old Crickets

image of Ted the Cat

A year into my retirement I’m still trying to clean up my den, which has been thoroughly cleaned exactly zero times since we moved in some 23 years ago.  Talk about clutter and dust!  The den has been one of … Read more »

My Cat Is a Junkie

image of lou reed in sunglasses

The oddest thing has happened.  Our Ted, ordinarily the most sober of felines, has developed a chemical dependency.  Okay, maybe not a dependency as such, but certainly a strong affinity, a habit.  Perhaps even an  . . . unquenchable thirst. … Read more »

Ted the Cat, on the Mend

image of ted the cat looking regal

We were fretting for awhile there about Ted’s health.  But I’m pleased to say that our boy’s a resilient feline.  After a series of intestinal problems in the spring, he bounced back in the summer.  He worried us even more … Read more »

Ted the Cat Says Get to Work

image of ted the cat being petted by mr big

I was just stomping around the house the other day, feeling restless and over-obligated, and I have to say Ted was no help.  I am fond of the old boy, but let’s face it, if you’ve got a problem with … Read more »

Ted the Cat: Revoltin’ Development

image of ted the cat looking irritated

Boy, was I happy to see Ted when I returned from Italy two weeks ago.  He’s a good boy.  I picked him up and he bit me on the neck, which I took for excitement on his part.  Later I … Read more »