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Keep Smiling Through

Photo of Slim Pickens riding bomb in Dr. Strangelove

Here’s the big news this week, gang: 317am will go on an indefinite hiatus after Kaze’s valedictory post tomorrow. Call it a sabbatical, call it a vacation, call it what Mark Twain would call an extended period of letting the … Read more »

The Man Who Knew Everyone

image of painting of Count Harry Kessler by Edvard Munch

The most interesting thing I’ve read this week was an article in the New Yorker called “Diary of an Aesthete,” by Alex Ross.  It’s about Count Harry Kessler, who, in 1868 “was born in Paris, the son of a wealthy … Read more »

Fifty Shades of Ambivalence

The notorious Newsweek cover.

I’ve vowed not to write today’s post about the hot new novel Fifty Shades of Grey. My goal this week is to be the only book blogger in America not writing about what Katie Roiphe in a Newsweek cover story … Read more »

Johnny Cash: A Daughter’s Memories

photo of Johnny Cash and daughter Rosanne dancing at her wedding.

This is turning into Johnny Cash Week at 317am. With his big memorial concert in Austin tonight, I can’t resist a second post on the singer, songwriter, and musician who brought me to that great American treasure trove, country music.  I’ve … Read more »

Kaze: Through with Pauline Kael

image of a german poster for "the Red Shoes"

A couple of Fridays ago I tucked myself in on the couch and watched, for the fourth or fifth time, The Red Shoes. I’m no expert on ballet movies, but my guess is that The Red Shoes is the most … Read more »

Remembering Johnny Cash

posterized photo of the great Johnny Cash in his prime.

I’d love to be in Austin, Texas, Friday night this week. There’s a big 80th birthday bash concert for Johnny Cash labeled “We Walk the Line: A Celebration of the Music of Johnny Cash.” Older “outlaw country” stars like Kris … Read more »