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Pizza and Beer? How About a Miracle for Dinner?

image of a couple being served pizza and beer

About 50 years ago someone taught me that green plants need only sunlight, water, and air to survive and grow.  This seemed to me a miracle, and so it was portrayed—that is, a miracle as compared with animals and people, … Read more »

“I wake to sleep, and take my waking slow.”

image of a color portrait of theodore roethke

A few weeks ago I shared a poem with you here called “I Knew a Woman,” by Theodore Roethke.  I seem to be in my Roethke period.  Whenever I read someone who says, better than I ever could, what I … Read more »

Tips for Writers: Level of Detail

Photo of Robert B. Parker, the late master of Low Lit.

One of the hardest problems for rookie writers is mastering an appropriate level of detail. For most beginners, the chore is learning how to build your imaginative muscles to the point where you can create any convincing detail at all. … Read more »

Defining PR

Grid image with PR and social media logos.

Back in ancient times when I was a junior editor on a trade magazine called Job Safety and Health, one of my senior colleagues, a guy who’d spent a lot of time in big-city newsrooms, took considerable pleasure in referring … Read more »

The Book Codger’s Lament

image of sterile room

Ras posted a video last week of Samuel, the remarkably expressive 3-year-old who recites Billy Collins’s poem, “Liturgy.”  This gave me a cherished opportunity to tease ol’ Rasoir for having forgotten that I posted the same video here last August.  … Read more »

Ras: Doppelgangers? Antonioni and Sebald

Michelangelo Antonioni