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Arrivederci, again

image of silhouetted figure staring into a sunset

Yesterday afternoon I cashed in a coupon at the Starbucks near my house and, walking out to the parking lot with a tall cup of Anniversary Blend in my hand, suddenly I missed my father. What mysterious currents carry us.  … Read more »

Glutes ‘R’ Us

image of muscle & fitness magazine cover

I don’t know about you, but I have never given much thought to my glutes.  To the extent I thought about them at all, I thought of them as something to sit on.  Who could have foreseen the day when … Read more »

Arrivederci, Kaze!

Image of a sophiticated man in an eye patch with a beautiful woman.

Whoa!  Excitement reigns this morning.  If today marked mankind’s return to the moon, right about now we’d be starting the countdown.  As it is, it’s my return to Italy.  By late tonight, I’ll be fidgeting in economy class as we … Read more »