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Benchmarking the Top 10 Blogs for Writers

Photo of rainforest

One of the traits I like best about the Webverse is its lack of gatekeepers and credentialing. It reminds me of the American frontier circa 1834. When Abraham Lincoln as a young man decided to make his living as a … Read more »

Rediscoveries: David Stacton and The Judges of the Secret Court

Photo of John Wilkes Booth

David Stacton (1923-1968) is probably the best American novelist you’ve never heard of. At least I’d never heard of him till a couple of months back when the New York Review of Books republished his 1961 novel, The Judges of … Read more »

Blink of an Eye, Indeed

image of ordinary people with dramatic skies behind them

I realized the other day that the universe is 13.5 billion years old and I am just 61.  I certainly missed a lot of stuff that happened prior to my birth.  Who, for example, set the moon just far enough … Read more »

Memorial Day

image of american troops in afghanistan

Last Thursday I was idly watching NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams, thinking—in that half-there mode I adopt when supine on the couch—about other things than the deadly tornadoes and captured Bosnian Serb war criminals that headlined the news that … Read more »

The Schlock of the New: Are Wordles Overrated?

Wordle of President Obama's inaugural address

Do you like wordles? Nearly everybody does. Wordles, or word clouds as some call them, are a hot new thing in that field known as the visual presentation of information.  You see them these days in ninth-grade classrooms, newspapers, social media … Read more »