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Benchmarking the Top 10 Blogs for Writers

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One of the traits I like best about the Webverse is its lack of gatekeepers and credentialing. It reminds me of the American frontier circa 1834. When Abraham Lincoln as a young man decided to make his living as a … Read more »

Recommended Reading 2011

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It’s customary as the old year winds down for book critics everywhere to pull out their Best Books list, and in the past I’ve provided my lists of the best books for writers in this slot. I’ll try that again … Read more »

Write What You Don’t Know? Really?

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It’s a little late in my life as a writer for paradigm shifts, but two pieces I read this past week have me rethinking how I go about writing fiction. The first was Kaze’s “Facts, Schmacts” – on how telling … Read more »