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Blog of the Week: 24 Frames

Photo of Sacha Baron Cohen (left) in Hugo.

It’s Oscars week and those of us who really care about movies are pondering such matters as whether the seven-minute animated British film A Morning Stroll has a shot in the Best Short Film category.

Blog of the Week: The TSA Blog

Inage of Talk to TSA button

Is it possible for a government agency to be human? This is a question I like to ask early on in teaching introductory social media courses to State Department staff, one of several hats I wear these days.

Blog of the Week: Literary Commentary

Photo of blogger D.G. Myers

One of the great pleasures of blogging at 317am is the discovery of kindred spirits out there in the vast cosmos of the Web. I first ran across A Commonplace Blog while I was researching the sports novels of my youth … Read more »

Blog of the Week: Woolly Mammoth

Photo of actor preaching in scene from Bootycandy at Woolly Mammoth theater.

Readable blogs produced by institutions are rare things. Recently, however, an item on the Woolly Mammoth Blog with the irresistible title “History of Dirty Words” caught my attention. I’d been thinking about tackling a similar topic myself in a 317am post, but … Read more »

Blog of the Week: Oh Beautiful Beer

Images of Bogota Beer Company bottles

I don’t have a beer fetish. Truly, I don’t. But I do like beer – draft beers, in particular, in all their enormous variety. For beer-lovers, as for the lovers of anything, the iconography is important. For those who care … Read more »

Blog of the Week: Livia Blackburne

Image of Livia Blackburne

This seems to be Livia Blackburne Week at 317am. As our longtime readers know, few Web discoveries give me more pleasure than to run across a younger-generation writer who can hold my attention. Her post on “The Blogification of Writing … Read more »