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Keep Smiling Through

Photo of Slim Pickens riding bomb in Dr. Strangelove

Here’s the big news this week, gang: 317am will go on an indefinite hiatus after Kaze’s valedictory post tomorrow. Call it a sabbatical, call it a vacation, call it what Mark Twain would call an extended period of letting the … Read more »

How To Blog About Books You Haven’t Read

Photo of Pierre Bayard.

Regulars at 317am may have noticed that I’ve been pushing the envelope lately – blogging about movies I haven’t seen one day and about romance novels I haven’t read another. Ordinarily, I’d would feel uneasy about this sort of chutzpah, … Read more »

The REAP: New Stat Sweeps Blogosphere

Photo of Jonah Hill in Moneyball.

I have to confess that title is what Huck Finn would call “a stretcher.” A revised version might read, “A Statistic About Blog Posts That I Just Invented While Playing Around in Google Analytics Will Some Day Become a Standard … Read more »

Blog of the Week: Jeff Goins Writer

photo of Jeff Goins

Jeff Goins is an unpretentious blogger. You won’t see him writing stuff like the novelist and essayist Jonathan Lethem wrote a week or so back. Stuff like: What’s a novelist? I remove myself from human traffic to sit in a … Read more »

Benchmarking the Top 10 Blogs for Writers

Photo of rainforest

One of the traits I like best about the Webverse is its lack of gatekeepers and credentialing. It reminds me of the American frontier circa 1834. When Abraham Lincoln as a young man decided to make his living as a … Read more »

Blog of the Week: 24 Frames

Photo of Sacha Baron Cohen (left) in Hugo.

It’s Oscars week and those of us who really care about movies are pondering such matters as whether the seven-minute animated British film A Morning Stroll has a shot in the Best Short Film category.