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The Blog-to-Book Fantasy

Mock highway sign: "Blogging 101."

When I teach introductory courses on blogging, sooner or later a student will always raise a version of this question: what about a book? Can’t you put together a bunch of your blog posts and make a book that publishers … Read more »

Bloggers at the Gates

Photo of movie scene with barbarians storming a city.

Do we live in the last days of that venerable pillar of our culture – the term paper? A 2011 survey of college students reveals that 82 percent of freshman and more than half of seniors weren’t asked to do … Read more »

In Praise of Lurkers

Image of a lurker watching PC.

Over the weekend 317am quietly celebrated its second anniversary. Kaze is presently off in Italy wowing the literati of Rome with his thoughts about Keats, so it was a brief and, one might say, solitary event. As I pondered two … Read more »

Montaigne’s Tips for Bloggers: #1, Unruly Negligence

Portrait of Michel de Montaigne

I’ve been reading Sarah Bakewell’s recent biography of Michel de Montaigne, How To Live: or A Life of Montaigne in One Question and Twenty Attempts at an Answer, an illuminating and entertaining read, but the chief effect of Bakewell’s book  has … Read more »

Blog of the Week: Slavosaurus Rex

Photo of Jenny Durina playing chess with statue.

One of the USA’s little-recognized assets in a world where soft power can be crucial is the State Department’s witty corps of unofficial bloggers.  The Department is often ambivalent about these PR practitioners without portfolio, but they’ve sprung up like … Read more »

Blogging 101: How To Write Boffo Headlines

Photo of Variety front page headline.

In yesterday’s post I traced the latest skirmish in a never-ending controversy, the great debate between those who favor mundane, clunkingly obvious headlines online and those who prefer wit, search engines be damned. I’m working on a theory of a … Read more »