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Show a Little Faith, There’s Magic in the Night

Image of manuscript of Dylan song.

(I thought it was worth revisiting this piece, which I posted back in December 2010. Two reasons: The Boss has been back in the news lately with a new album and upcoming concert tour.  And my students have this week … Read more »

Arrivederci, again

image of silhouetted figure staring into a sunset

Yesterday afternoon I cashed in a coupon at the Starbucks near my house and, walking out to the parking lot with a tall cup of Anniversary Blend in my hand, suddenly I missed my father. What mysterious currents carry us.  … Read more »

Clarence Clemons, RIP

image of clarence clemons playing saxophone

Over the weekend, we lost the Big Man.  I spent Father’s Day mourning Clarence Clemons. What a rarity he was.  How many things in life produce only joy?  Bruce Springsteen’s saxophonist was the heart and soul—mostly the soul—of the E … Read more »

Kaze: Walker Percy on a Writer’s Troubles

I’ve written from time to time about something I call writer’s high—that marvelous feeling a writer gets when things are flowing. And I’ve written a little bit about the times when they aren’t, and in particular about blaming our lack … Read more »

Kaze: The G. Charles Niemeyer Memorial List of Bruce Springsteen’s 50 Greatest Songs

Kaze: To (and from) His Coy Mistress

Today, from our Department of Unsung Treasures, a new discovery.