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Ted the Cat Won’t Play the Fame Game

a - Ted deep in though May 2011

I was fooling around on Facebook the other day, checking out fan pages.  I couldn’t help but give Ted a hard time about his.  “Two hundred eighty-two fans is better than no fans at all,” I told him,  “But Garfield … Read more »

Breakfast Breakfast I Am Full of Breakfast

Image of a cat chasing a bird chasing a worm.

As promised here a month ago, here’s another poem by Archy the cockroach. Archy lived in the office of newspaper columnist Don Marquis, and when I was a boy no writer did more to make me want to read and … Read more »

Hope in Autumn

Image of Don Marquis

Don Marquis was a newspaperman back in the day. His name rarely rings a bell in our times, but 80 or 90 years ago he was one of the most popular humorists in America. People read him in the morning … Read more »

Kaze: Ted the Cat’s Literary Roots

It was in the 2nd grade that I was introduced to the first poems I ever liked—a slew of them, in fact, all written by a cockroach named Archy.