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My Terps: The Wait Was Worth It

image of Gary Williams and Maryland Terrapins celebrating 2002 NCAA Mens Basketball Championship

Indulge me today in a bit of nostaligia.  Tonight it’s Kentucky vs. Kansas for the 2012 NCAA Mens Basketball Championship. Ten years ago, it was Maryland vs. Indiana—Terps vs. Hoosiers—and my Terps won the game. Did I say a bit … Read more »

The Devil’s Got Duke, Again

Image of Duke at night.

The first weekend of the 2011 NCAA Mens Basketball Championship has come and gone and Duke’s still in it.  A scrappy Michigan team trailed the pale minions of the night by 15 in the second half, yet ended up missing … Read more »

Kaze: The Devil’s Got Duke

As if some cosmic wager between God and the Devil were coming to a head, Duke plays Butler tonight for the 2010 NCAA Mens Basketball Championship. Naturally, the Devil’s got Duke.