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The Short Story According to Joyce Carol Oates and Edgar Allan Poe

Photo of Joyce Carol Oates

I’m teaching a course in “Contemporary American Short Stories” this spring, and, in effort to understand what makes a good short story from the ground up, I’ve been reading quite a lot written by writers who are acknowledged masters of … Read more »

Let Them Read Junk

image of Poe in sunglasses

Ras wrote a couple of weeks ago on the vexing question of why so few of our boys read fiction. He cited an article by young-adult novelist Robert Lipsyte, called “Boys and Reading: Is There Any Hope?”  Lipsyte says that … Read more »

The Book Codger’s Lament

image of sterile room

Ras posted a video last week of Samuel, the remarkably expressive 3-year-old who recites Billy Collins’s poem, “Liturgy.”  This gave me a cherished opportunity to tease ol’ Rasoir for having forgotten that I posted the same video here last August.  … Read more »

Haunted by the White Screen!

Image of watercolor portrait of Poe.

Tell me, what is the most terrifying color?  You know the answer.  It’s white.  Any writer knows that.  It’s the white you see when it’s time to get started.  When you’re staring at a white page or a blank white … Read more »

And yet, and yet…

Image of Nika Rebecca

Today, from our Department of Unsung Treasures, a poem by Thomas Fleming called “Adam and Lilith.”

Ah, Distinctly I Remember!

Image of Poe

Do you remember the first book you ever read on your own? Not with your folks, and not because the teacher assigned it. That first book you chose and went off alone to read . . . it was like … Read more »