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The Wages of Addiction

Image of Hunter Thompson

Lately I’ve been facing an impending crisis that I’ve been hesitant to talk about. Generally, we don’t like to advertise our dependencies, but we writers are prone to substance problems, and I’m no exception.  It takes just a moment on … Read more »

My Oscar Pick

Photo of Oscar statue.

The run-up to the Oscars this week – a “run-up” that seems to have lasted for months now – reminds me of a fundamental truth about awards shows: everybody needs a good movie to root for. I’m a little handicapped … Read more »

Does Writing a Novel Make You a Better Person?

image of ernest hemingway

Ras posted here the other day with the question “Does Reading Novels Make You a Better Person?”  My own question, considering how I’ve been spending my days lately, is “How About Writing a Novel?  Does That Make You a Better … Read more »

Twelve Ways to Tell if Your Novel Is Dead

image of a writer using blood from a plasma bottle

I am getting seriously involved with another novel, trying to get a second one written after years of stops and starts, mostly stops.  I stared long and hard at my last novel before giving up on it, and I have … Read more »

Loose Ends: Stephen King’s Wang and Other Stories

Photo of Wang Word Processor.

Newspaper columnists often use an end-of-year column to return to topics they’re written about during the year. Usually they want to provide an update or offer a bit more insight with the benefit of hindsight.  Even bloggers from time to … Read more »

In Defense of “Out Stealing Horses”

Photo of a Norwegian cabin.

Yesterday’s post considered a piece of conventional advice for beginning writers – “make your protagonist likable” – in light of the success of Per Petterson’s 2008 novel, Out Stealing Horses. I recounted the objections of several members of my “Novels … Read more »