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I’m Not a Friend, but I Play One on Facebook

image of a cartoon in which a dog goes on facebook

The other morning I was on Facebook when the chat box opened and this message from my friend Judith appeared: “Steve my dear, I´m cleaning up my friends list, and keep just those who are visiting my wall frequently… sorry … Read more »

Social Media: Vicious Circles or Virtuous Circles?

Illustration of bluesman Robert Johnson, the devil, and a crossroads.

Economists like to talk about “virtuous circles” and also their opposite, “vicious circles.” The Wikipedia editors do a fine job of succinctly defining these phenomena: They refer to a complex of events that reinforces itself through a feedback loop. A … Read more »

Rush Limbaugh’s Very Bad Week in Social Media

Photo of Rush Limbaugh.

It’s been an exciting week in Limbaugh Land. There’s no need to recount the tragic story of Rush Limbaugh’s hubris in calling a Georgetown U law student a slut and a prostitute, and then how all his attempts to apologize … Read more »

Much Ado About Web Privacy

Photo of an outhouse.

Today is the day Google implements its new privacy policy. I’ve been reading a lot about this complex issue, and, as far as I can see, it boils down to the fact that now Google will share your data across … Read more »

Much Ado About the Facebook Timeline

photo of the new Facebook Timeline' format.

In the buzz-dependent world of social media, the big news this week is that Facebook has made its new format called Timeline available to anyone who wants to sign up for it.  So you can get it now or you … Read more »

Who You Callin’ Ahmed?: Notes on the Nym Wars

Photo of Salman Rushdie and a former wife.

How do you label yourself in social media? Ten years into the revolution now you’d think the conventions for this basic question would have been established, but no. Salman Rushdie, with his perpetual genius for controversy, stirred it up in … Read more »