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You and Your Godlike Powers

image of FCPS ACE program "Writing a Short Story" students, February 2012

I had a little fit of insight the other night while in my short story class. We were sitting around discussing how our first drafts had turned out. It was the final class—thought of by some as The Dread Reckoning—when … Read more »

My Too Short Short Story Class

image of kaze's writing students october-november 2011

The urge to create new things—to create for creation’s sake—is one of those reliably redeeming human traits.  When I think about ancient cave dwellers brewing dyes with which to paint the walls with animals, I grow fond of those cave … Read more »

Ten New Writers (and more to come)

Image of Kaze's Fall 2009 short story class.

(After I return from Italy next week I’ll once again be teaching my adult-ed short-story class in Northern Virginia.  Interested?  It’s called “Writing a Short Story” and can be found on pg. 24 of this catalogue.  Here’s a piece I did … Read more »

Pick Six Great Movies

image of dooley wilson and bogey in "casablanca"

Whenever I teach my short-story class, I find myself talking about the movies.  I’ve always presumed that my adult-ed students, few of whom were ever English majors, are less likely to have Flannery O’Connor in common than Casablanca. But there’s … Read more »

Baby Bat Makes History

Image of Kaze's short story class.

A couple of years ago, Susan Vinisky showed up in my Thursday evening short-story class with an idea for a children’s story about a baby bat who ventures out one night to hunt for mosquitoes and manages to get tangled … Read more »

Kaze: My Short Story Class

At the top of the literary-industrial complex is the University of Iowa Writers’ Workshop—in Louis Menand’s words, “the most renowned creative-writing program in the world. Sixteen Pulitzer Prize winners and three recent Poet Laureates are graduates of the program.”