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Books in Print: They Don’t Smell

Photo of novelist Gary Shteyngart and girlfriend Mabel Hwang.

Books – that is, the old-fashioned kind (in print, between covers, a.k.a. dead-tree content) – are much on my mind this week. I’ve been reading Gary Shteyngart’s delightfully clever satirical novel of a dystopian future, Super Sad True Love Story, … Read more »

Is 40 the New 30 for American Writers?

photo of Gary Shteyngart

In American culture these days youth, as they say, rules. We all know that, and evidence for this truism exists in a lot of places you’d expect – comic books furnishing plots and characters for blockbuster movies and Broadway shows, Baby Boomers starting … Read more »

The Sphincter Cam and Other Predictions

A moment of truth

We’ll get to that sphincter cam in a minute, but first some background. A week or so back in a post on the fallibility of pundits, I invited 317am readers to join in the Pundit Game and make some long-term … Read more »