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“In a Dark Time”

image of Theodore Roethke

I was sitting with my friend Curtis in his backyard the other night.  It was balmy for March.  I had my feet up and I was smoking a nice Arturo Fuente and drinking Curtis’s fine bourbon over ice.  Since Curtis … Read more »

“I wake to sleep, and take my waking slow.”

image of a color portrait of theodore roethke

A few weeks ago I shared a poem with you here called “I Knew a Woman,” by Theodore Roethke.  I seem to be in my Roethke period.  Whenever I read someone who says, better than I ever could, what I … Read more »

What’s freedom for? To know eternity.

image of the poet theodore roethke

I spent last evening reading Theodore Roethke.  So here’s a gift.  “I Knew a Woman” is perhaps the most famous of his poems, but the best poems are like your dearest friends—if they show up unexpectedly, it’s always worthwhile to … Read more »