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Does Writing a Novel Make You a Better Person?

image of ernest hemingway

Ras posted here the other day with the question “Does Reading Novels Make You a Better Person?”  My own question, considering how I’ve been spending my days lately, is “How About Writing a Novel?  Does That Make You a Better … Read more »

In Praise of Lurkers

Image of a lurker watching PC.

Over the weekend 317am quietly celebrated its second anniversary. Kaze is presently off in Italy wowing the literati of Rome with his thoughts about Keats, so it was a brief and, one might say, solitary event. As I pondered two … Read more »

So there’s this woman, and she’s, like, talking to this baby squirrel…

Image of Kevin Kline as King Lear, shaking a fist.

In the newest City Journal, Clark Whelton, a former speechwriter for two mayors of New York City, writes despairingly about the state of American English.  Poor bastard.  Talk about standing out on the heath during an electrical storm and shaking your … Read more »

Ras: The Drop Carves the Rock