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Arrivederci, Kaze!

Image of a sophiticated man in an eye patch with a beautiful woman.

Whoa!  Excitement reigns this morning.  If today marked mankind’s return to the moon, right about now we’d be starting the countdown.  As it is, it’s my return to Italy.  By late tonight, I’ll be fidgeting in economy class as we … Read more »

James Salter, Van Gogh, Art, Ecstasy, etc.

Image of the view from the Hotel Marie Rollet

I was sitting alone in a hotel room on Saturday in the old city of Quebec, listening to the voices of summer tourists drifting up from the street in French, gazing past the city to the blue mountains up north. … Read more »

James Salter, Burning the Days

Image of James Salter

Tomorrow night, Narrative is holding a fundraiser in San Francisco. If you haven’t read Narrative online, you really must. Anne Beattie and a younger, emerging writer, Anthony Marra, will be two of the attractions. But James Salter will also be … Read more »