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John Keats, Tim Buckley, and the Thrush’s Song (reprise)

Image of a painting of John Keats

(While I’m in Italy, here’s the second of two previous posts about the English poet John Keats, who died in Rome in February 1821.  This one’s also about Tim Buckley, a not dissimilar soul.) I heard it said once that an … Read more »

A Song that Plays in Your Head (reprise)

Image of John Keats, by Joseph Severn

(A year ago this past February, I wrote the following piece on Anthony Burgess’s novel about John Keats’s last days.  Since you’ll find me in Rome this week, sitting no doubt by Keats’s grave, it’s only appriopriate we run this … Read more »

Ted Mourns for Ginger, Una Gatta Italiana