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Loose Ends: More Mockingbird, Olaf Olaffson, Margaret Wise Brown, Marcia Sartwell

Photo of Mockingbird author Harper Lee.

Fairly frequently I notice that a topic Kaze or I have blogged about turns up a few weeks down the road featured in another media outlet. Now, I’m under no illusion that the editors of the world are mining 317am … Read more »

The Strange, Wonderful Life of Margaret Wise Brown

photo of a youthful Margaret Wise Brown.

For years, without knowing much of anything about her, I’ve had a certain image in my mind of the children’s book author Margaret Wise Brown (1910-1952). I knew she’d written three of my daughter’s great favorites: Goodnight Moon, The Runaway … Read more »

Goodnight Moon Revisited

Goodnight Moon cover

In my lifetime list of the great pleasures that life has to offer, reading a book with a young child is near the top. I mean the sort of book where the pictures matter as much as the words and … Read more »