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Mark Twain: All in a Name

Photo of Mark Twain in rocking chair with cigar.

W. Epaminondas Adrastus Blab. Thomas Jefferson Snodgrass. The Unreliable. These were some of the pseudonyms that Sam Clemens used before he settled at age 27 on the one that stuck – Mark Twain. Writers and their pen names are a … Read more »

Who You Callin’ Ahmed?: Notes on the Nym Wars

Photo of Salman Rushdie and a former wife.

How do you label yourself in social media? Ten years into the revolution now you’d think the conventions for this basic question would have been established, but no. Salman Rushdie, with his perpetual genius for controversy, stirred it up in … Read more »

In Praise of Lurkers

Image of a lurker watching PC.

Over the weekend 317am quietly celebrated its second anniversary. Kaze is presently off in Italy wowing the literati of Rome with his thoughts about Keats, so it was a brief and, one might say, solitary event. As I pondered two … Read more »

Huck and His Critics (Reprise)

Book cover of Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

What’s the most banned book in American history? Short answer: nobody knows for sure. The American Library Association’s Office of Intellectual Freedom has been systematically keeping lists of books challenged in libraries and schools, but only since 1990.

My Indispensable Books

Photo of masks representing the Four Ages of Man

My last post talked about Ronald B. Shwartz’s compilation For the Love of Books, in which 115 writers revealed the three to six books that had influenced them the most. Naturally, I’ve been pondering what I’d say if assigned this … Read more »

Call Me Huck

Photo of whale surfacing

Writing my last post on Eudora Welty’s ideas about the importance of place in fiction got me to thinking. What if Huckleberry Finn had been born a New Englander instead of in a small town on the Mississippi? How would … Read more »