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Asteroid Strikes Kaze’s World

image of asteroid hitting earth

As you may already have heard, we inhabitants of Earth are in for some serious roughage on December 21st.  This time they’re not kidding:  Here comes the lock-cinch, ineluctable, this-time-we-mean-it, End of The World. Some guy named John has a … Read more »

What Doesn’t Kill You, Makes Your Knees Hurt

image of martin johnson and sherry nicely at fitness together

For a long time I had a doctor who used to say that whenever you get the urge to exercise, lie down till it passes.  He was a short round jowly fellow with a taste for Mozart, classical literature, fine wines and traditional … Read more »

98-lb. Weakling, 90 Days Later

image of 98 lb. weakliing getting picked on at the beach

Hi, there.  See the cartoon?  That’s me in the middle.  Uncanny resemblance, except that he’s younger and has no belly.  When I was a kid reading Classics Illustrated comics, there was always a Charles Atlas advertisement on the back cover. … Read more »