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Keep Smiling Through

Photo of Slim Pickens riding bomb in Dr. Strangelove

Here’s the big news this week, gang: 317am will go on an indefinite hiatus after Kaze’s valedictory post tomorrow. Call it a sabbatical, call it a vacation, call it what Mark Twain would call an extended period of letting the … Read more »

Montaigne’s Tips for Bloggers: #1, Unruly Negligence

Portrait of Michel de Montaigne

I’ve been reading Sarah Bakewell’s recent biography of Michel de Montaigne, How To Live: or A Life of Montaigne in One Question and Twenty Attempts at an Answer, an illuminating and entertaining read, but the chief effect of Bakewell’s book  has … Read more »

Blogging 101: Choosing Your Niche

Photo of niche in wall

So You Want To Blog? That’s the title of a course I’m teaching in the night school of a local university. In another version at a different college, the course is known as Blogging 101. But no matter what the … Read more »

Ras: Blog of Week – Ryan Holiday

Ryan Holiday, I think