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Take Back Your Fingertips: The Seven Habits of Web-Balanced People

Photo close-up of bees in hive.

Yesterday’s post on MIT thinker Sherry Turkle’s warnings about the perils of over-connectivity got me to thinking about a fundamental question. How do you limit usage of social media, smart phones, and the Internet generally in ways that enable you … Read more »

Sprucing up Your LinkedIn Teaser

Photo of family dressed for church.

Have you maximized your “teaser” in LinkedIn? Do you know what your teaser is? If you said yes to the first question, you’re probably one of the very few digerati who read 317am. If you said no to the second … Read more »

SOPA, PIPA, and the Day Wikipedia Went Dark

Photo of a blocked Web Site.

Yesterday, January 18, was a day that history will view as the Fort Sumter moment of the  coming wars over intellectual property on the Internet. Or maybe not. As Buddhists like to say, we’ll see. What is certain is that … Read more »

Blog of the Week: Dim Bulb

Photo of Jonathan Salem Baskin

I like bloggers who like to play with big ideas. The new-mediasphere is full of these folks, but one of the most provocative and entertaining in my book is the Advertising Age columnist Jonathan Salem Baskin, whose blog is memorably … Read more »

So What’s So Wrong with Branding?

Photo of Gene Weingarten

Is there anything more tiresome than an old-media guy bemoaning the new-fangled ways of new media?  A friend sent me a recent piece by Washington Post columnist Gene Weingarten in which he responded to an email query from a young … Read more »

Inside the New York Times

Photo of Times reporter David Carr and his editor Bruce Headlam

For good or ill, the New York Times is one of the world’s most powerful labels. Early In the new documentary  Page One: Inside the New York Times, we see media reporter David Carr pay a visit to a hip new-media … Read more »