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My Lie-Lay Conundrum

Image of computer with lie-lay Post It notes.

I realize that one sign of impending codgerdom is the urge to rant – or even write a letter to the offending newspaper – when you spot an egregious grammatical error in print. Where have all the hawk-eyed copy editors … Read more »

My Newspaper Habit

Photo of a week's worth of piled up newspapers.

I got back from a week-long vacation recently, only to confront the pile of neighbor-saved newspapers  in the photo at left. A week’s worth of the New York Times, Washington Post, and Baltimore Sun, I can testify, weighs 15 pounds. … Read more »

Robot Writer No Threat to Ink-Stained Wretches, Yet

Photo of one version of a robot writer.

A week or so back the New York Times published one of those articles that must have enlivened the lunchtime conversation among the paper’s staff reporters. Steve Lohr wrote about a company called Narrative Science, which claims to have developed computer software … Read more »

Good Night, Irene

image of dan rather clinging to a pole in a hurricane

Have you begun missing all that Hurricane Irene coverage yet?  Surely you haven’t had enough of watching TV reporters standing out on the beach/jetty/boardwalk, detailing every raindrop, every gust of wind, and shouting into their hand-held mic that they’re really more worried … Read more »

Why a Walled Garden Is Suicide for a Newspaper

Image of a walled garden

In yesterday’s post I recounted my experience with the Boston Globe’s boston.com site. When I encountered that $4.25 fee to download a single article, I clicked away from boston.com, never to return.

The Future of Newspapers

Image of newspapers on sale

Newspapers are having a hard time coming up with the right online business model to ensure their future. Last week the New York Times announced that it would be charging for content on its Web site, and, in the course … Read more »