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Facts, Schmacts

image of orson welles dressed as a magician

About a month ago, sitting in on a writers group, I set some kind of world’s record for making a woman hate me.  It was all because of something Orson Welles said in a movie called F for Fake. Me … Read more »

Web Gems: American Life in Poetry


One of the few New Year’s resolutions that I’ve ever managed to keep has been to read a poem a day. For me, taking that little 10-minute excursion into the imagination every day serves as a form of mental workout. … Read more »

Ras: The Anointed

Kaze: The Death of Fiction? Not So Fast, My Friend.

Somewhere in my files I’ve got an old New Yorker cartoon of a doctor breaking the news to a patient on the examination table. The doctor tells him: “I’m afraid you’ve got a novel in you that has to come … Read more »