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At 317am, Time to Dim the Lights

image of barack obama raising a glass of beer

Today’s post–and trust me, it was no easy call–is my last for 317am.  It’s the last for any of us—whether Kaze, Ras, or Ted the Cat—till  who knows when.  We may be back someday, but we just don’t know. On … Read more »

So Sweet a Place: The Non-Catholic Cemetery in Rome

image of the non-catholic cemetery in rome

This is the second of two posts on the extraordinary cemetery where John Keats is buried.  Look here for the first. The English poet John Keats, age 25, died in Rome in February 1821.  In April of that year, another English … Read more »

“Ay, in the very temple of Delight . . .”

image of the Piazza d Spagna

I was in Rome this spring.  Rome is a wonder.  The present cannot contain it.  You stand waiting for a bus and across the street are the ruins of a pagan temple. Time and again in Rome, you step off … Read more »