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Ten Best Movies of the Year

Photo of AFI Silver Theater marquee

It’s that time of the year when film critics feel compelled to give you their Ten Best lists. I don’t seem to have time any more to crank out Netflix movie reviews, but I have managed to see 43 films … Read more »

Brodsky Memories

Photo of the youthful poet Joseph Brodsky

I’ve admired a great many writers in my time but have seen only a few of the greats up close. Joseph Brodsky (1940-1996) , the Russian poet who came to America, is the one I will never forget. With Brodsky, it was … Read more »

Ted Mourns for Ginger, Una Gatta Italiana

Kaze: To (and from) His Coy Mistress

Today, from our Department of Unsung Treasures, a new discovery.

Miss Casey and Mr. Eliot

Image of Miss Margaret Casey

Back in my last year of high school, I had one of those long-gone archetypal English teachers—Miss Margaret Casey, a stout rosy-cheeked New England spinster in a flowered dress with her gray hair up in a bun and glasses dangling … Read more »