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My Cat Is a Junkie

image of lou reed in sunglasses

The oddest thing has happened.  Our Ted, ordinarily the most sober of felines, has developed a chemical dependency.  Okay, maybe not a dependency as such, but certainly a strong affinity, a habit.  Perhaps even an  . . . unquenchable thirst. … Read more »

20,000 Years in Sing-Sing, then a Pony Tail

image of paul bettany and russell crowe in master and commander

I am now seven months into my retirement, and my hair is finally long enough that I look like a homeless person.  During my 34-year federal career—which, each time I recall it, feels more like 20,000 Years in Sing-Sing—I dreamed … Read more »

Ted the Cat Can’t Get No Rest

Image of Ted the Cat

I’ve been retired now for about six weeks.  Friends have been asking how it feels.  It feels just fine.  Ted, however, has clearly been showing some signs of stress . . .

My First Day of Retirement

Image of empty office.

Monday was my first day off since 1978. Sure, I’ve had weekends, even three-day weekends. And I’ve had vacations—one of them for three weeks. But this was the first day off I’ve had when I wasn’t thinking about having to go back to work, the first day with an expanse of unencumbered days before me. Read more »