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Five Pears or Peaches

image of author Reginald Gibbons

Looking on my shelves for one book yesterday, I found another, a slim paperbound volume by Reginald Gibbons called Five Pears or Peaches.  This swept me back, instantly—in the way only an unexpected encounter with a beloved book can do—to … Read more »

Little did Shakespeare know that someday . . .

image of kenneth branagh as henry v

My newest project over the past couple of weeks has been to memorize the St. Crispin’s Day speech from Shakespeare’s Henry V. I was watching, for perhaps the hundredth time, King Harry lift the flagging hearts of his countrymen before the … Read more »

Don’t Kill Your Characters (reprise)

Image of Gregory Peck as Captain Ahab

(While I’m away, here’s something to think about before you knock off another protagonist.)  I mentioned some time ago that in my short story class I have very few rules. One of them is this: “No writing about serial killers.” … Read more »

The Case of the Purloined Prince

Image of volume of Hamlet.

A while back you heard my confession regarding “My First Literary Theft,” a certain paperback science fiction anthology I stole from the neighborhood pharmacy when I was twelve.  Having heard what a big torturous deal I made of that first foray into crime, … Read more »

Kicking Around Some Big Questions

Image of the painting "The Death of Socrates."

The big questions are the best. Wander through this life, this world, and you can’t help but wonder: What’s it all about? How’d it get started, why is it the way it is, why are we part of it, where … Read more »

Kaze: Walker Percy on a Writer’s Troubles

I’ve written from time to time about something I call writer’s high—that marvelous feeling a writer gets when things are flowing. And I’ve written a little bit about the times when they aren’t, and in particular about blaming our lack … Read more »