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Quora: Yesterday’s Hot New Thing?

Photo of Quora founders D'Angelo, Cheever, and Cox.

The hot new social-media site at the moment is Google+, Google’s invitation-only attempt to set up a social network that will go face to face with Facebook. But the hot new thing six months back was Quora, a social-networking site that … Read more »

Big Win in Cairo: Shirky 6, Morozov 0

Image of Wael Ghonim, a leader of Cairo protests

The day after Hosni Mubarak left the capital, a CNN anchor voiced the conventional wisdom on why this persistent conglomeration of street protests had succeeded against the odds in toppling a tyrant. “The revolution in Egypt could not have happened … Read more »

Top 10 Buzz Words on LinkedIn

The LinkedIn look

Ras: Public Diplomacy and the Endless Stream

Democracy Video Challenge contestants in Malayasia