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Take Back Your Fingertips: The Seven Habits of Web-Balanced People

Photo close-up of bees in hive.

Yesterday’s post on MIT thinker Sherry Turkle’s warnings about the perils of over-connectivity got me to thinking about a fundamental question. How do you limit usage of social media, smart phones, and the Internet generally in ways that enable you … Read more »

The Short Story According to Joyce Carol Oates and Edgar Allan Poe

Photo of Joyce Carol Oates

I’m teaching a course in “Contemporary American Short Stories” this spring, and, in effort to understand what makes a good short story from the ground up, I’ve been reading quite a lot written by writers who are acknowledged masters of … Read more »

Writing vs. Social Media

Photo of New York City skyline.

I’m ramping up a new self-improvement program in public this morning. This is a big deal to me, though it probably won’t seem like much to you.  Here’s my problem: I’ve determined quite rationally that the number-one thing I want … Read more »

Four Ways Writing Novels Makes You a Better Person

Photo of Buddhist monk meditating.

If you took my friend Kaze’s sensibility and mine and charted us as a Venn diagram, I’m guessing there’d be about 80 percent overlap. That is, I seldom disagree when Kaze speaks out. And in a recent post, “Does Writing … Read more »