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The Wages of Addiction

Image of Hunter Thompson

Lately I’ve been facing an impending crisis that I’ve been hesitant to talk about. Generally, we don’t like to advertise our dependencies, but we writers are prone to substance problems, and I’m no exception.  It takes just a moment on … Read more »

A Love Goddess or a Grande Cappuccino? (Reprise)

Image of Lana Turner

(A year ago I came across this–ahem!–striking portrait of Lana Turner and was moved to write the following piece.  There’s a lot of worldly wisdom packed into this one–and by the way, it’s the last time we’ll visit our backlist … Read more »

Writing, Step 1 (Reprise)

Image of poster with the word "despair."

(At long last, I’ll return this week from my latest Italian adventure, in time for my latest adult-ed short-story class.  Every group I teach is different, yet the problems of beginning writers are nearly universal.  Here’s a taste of how we … Read more »

When Mick Jagger and Fergie Dance (Reprise)

Image of Bill Clinton with Mick Jagger at the World Cup.

(While I’m away, I thought you’d like to revisit this post, which first appeared here in July 2010.  I certainly never tire of watching the video . . . who would?) I was watching a World Cup match on TV … Read more »

Ten New Writers (and more to come)

Image of Kaze's Fall 2009 short story class.

(After I return from Italy next week I’ll once again be teaching my adult-ed short-story class in Northern Virginia.  Interested?  It’s called “Writing a Short Story” and can be found on pg. 24 of this catalogue.  Here’s a piece I did … Read more »

The Memory of All That (Reprise)

Image of Photo by Nika Rebekah of a window sill

(This is the first of several posts I’m rerunning while away for three weeks.  But I’ve picked some good ones, so I please enjoy.  The poem in this post from last year is one I’ve reread many, many times.) The thing … Read more »