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You and Your Godlike Powers

image of FCPS ACE program "Writing a Short Story" students, February 2012

I had a little fit of insight the other night while in my short story class. We were sitting around discussing how our first drafts had turned out. It was the final class—thought of by some as The Dread Reckoning—when … Read more »

Show a Little Faith, There’s Magic in the Night

Image of manuscript of Dylan song.

(I thought it was worth revisiting this piece, which I posted back in December 2010. Two reasons: The Boss has been back in the news lately with a new album and upcoming concert tour.  And my students have this week … Read more »

My Too Short Short Story Class

image of kaze's writing students october-november 2011

The urge to create new things—to create for creation’s sake—is one of those reliably redeeming human traits.  When I think about ancient cave dwellers brewing dyes with which to paint the walls with animals, I grow fond of those cave … Read more »

Dispatch from Dogpatch

image of jacquie's ramshackle house

I spent this past weekend at the cabin in West Virginia, where, as the song goes, it’s almost heaven. I had 10 short stories to read and critique, and there’s no place finer for settling in to work.  Will I … Read more »

Goldilocks and the Fourth Bear (Reprise)

image of teddy bears in space

(It struck me the other night, after my current band of short-story students had handed in their first drafts, that I’d forgotten to impart the following bit of wisdom.  So here it is, back for a return engagement after two years … Read more »

Writing, Step 1 (Reprise)

Image of poster with the word "despair."

(At long last, I’ll return this week from my latest Italian adventure, in time for my latest adult-ed short-story class.  Every group I teach is different, yet the problems of beginning writers are nearly universal.  Here’s a taste of how we … Read more »