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Four Ways Writing Novels Makes You a Better Person

Photo of Buddhist monk meditating.

If you took my friend Kaze’s sensibility and mine and charted us as a Venn diagram, I’m guessing there’d be about 80 percent overlap. That is, I seldom disagree when Kaze speaks out. And in a recent post, “Does Writing … Read more »

Hot Stove Stories

Photo of Roberto Clemente

Not long ago I found myself at a Christmas party in Virginia at the eastern edge of Blue Ridge, an event where I knew very few of the crowd. On these occasions I head right for the food and drink … Read more »

Sweet Spots for Storytellers: Metaphors and Insider Expertise

Photo of Steve Almond

Yesterday’s post probed Steve Almond’s short story “Donkey Greedy, Donkey Gets Punched” in hopes of uncovering what makes it work so well. I zeroed in on the pleasures for the reader of the competition between the passive-aggressive shrink/protagonist Dr. Oss … Read more »