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At 317am, Time to Dim the Lights

image of barack obama raising a glass of beer

Today’s post–and trust me, it was no easy call–is my last for 317am.  It’s the last for any of us—whether Kaze, Ras, or Ted the Cat—till  who knows when.  We may be back someday, but we just don’t know. On … Read more »

Attempted Cat Murder

image of ted the cat

The world continues to befuddle me.  The morning paper still seems as if H.G. Wells might have cooked it up or Orson Welles might be pulling a prank.  It’s just that so many of my fellow inhabitants of earth seem … Read more »

Arrivederci, Kaze!

Image of a sophiticated man in an eye patch with a beautiful woman.

Whoa!  Excitement reigns this morning.  If today marked mankind’s return to the moon, right about now we’d be starting the countdown.  As it is, it’s my return to Italy.  By late tonight, I’ll be fidgeting in economy class as we … Read more »

Ted the Cat on Heidi, the Cross-Eyed Opossum

Image of Heidi the cross-eyed opossum.

I ran across an article in the Washington Post the other day with the intriguing headline, “Cross-eyed opossum draws Facebook following long before her debut at German zoo.” Turns out to be true. Her name is Heidi Read more »

The House Cat in Winter

a - ted with lizard

Lately our boy Ted has seemed a little subdued. Subdued and uncharacteristically introspective. The holidays are over and the house has settled down. Let’s hope it’s just a matter of having too much—forgive me for saying this—time on his paws. Read more »

My First Day of Retirement

Image of empty office.

Monday was my first day off since 1978. Sure, I’ve had weekends, even three-day weekends. And I’ve had vacations—one of them for three weeks. But this was the first day off I’ve had when I wasn’t thinking about having to go back to work, the first day with an expanse of unencumbered days before me. Read more »