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Ted Shows Some Sympathy…Sort Of

a - ted deep thinker

Back in early October I was taking my lunchtime walk around the building where I work when I encountered a section of broken sidewalk and damaged my foot. After two months of little progress, last Thursday I got three shots … Read more »

Ted on Our Getting an Artificial Christmas Tree

a - ted noble hunter nov 2011

We aren’t getting any younger around here, and though our daughters still come home for Christmas they aren’t around to help set up a big Christmas tree—all of which led me the other day to bring home an artificial tree.  Ted, who’s been … Read more »

Ted on the Cat Who Did Dog Tricks

Image of Ted the Cat winking.

I got a big kick out of showing Ted an old online video the other day of a cat named Kizzy. It was called “More Cat Does Dog Tricks,” and was a follow-on to Kizzy’s first video, which went viral … Read more »

Ted the Cat on the Value of Hard Work

Image of Ted the Cat asleep.

I’ve been knocking myself out the past couple of weeks getting a project done at work.  I kept telling the boss that I’m getting pretty enfeebled at this stage of my career but he merely asked me how one could … Read more »

Hope in Autumn

Image of Don Marquis

Don Marquis was a newspaperman back in the day. His name rarely rings a bell in our times, but 80 or 90 years ago he was one of the most popular humorists in America. People read him in the morning … Read more »

Ted on How a Cat Drinks Water

Image of Ted the Cat thinking.

A cat story has made the front page of The Washington Post. It seems that four researchers “have painstakingly filmed, analyzed and determined how it is that a cat can drink water while (unlike a dog) keeping its chin and … Read more »