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Not Every Critic’s a Parasite, but . . .

image of Truman Capote's "In Cold Blood"

(Author’s note: I was about to post an illustration today of why I loathe Pauline Kael–I find that returning to her movie reviews is like picking at a scab–when I realized I’d posted a more temperate, less ad Kaelinam, piece … Read more »

My Favorite Christmas Story

Photo of fruitcake.

Christmas is the season for tradition. A quick glance at the TV schedule this week shows the cable stations are running all the old chestnuts: Miracle on 34th Street, Holiday Inn, Meet Me in St. Louis,  It’s a Wonderful Life, … Read more »

Two Christmas Stories

chris book

A friend living far away sent me a link this week to a YouTube video that she called “my poor excuse for a Christmas card.”   Actually I like “The Digital Story of the Nativity,” produced by somebody named ExcentricPT, better … Read more »

Ras: Classic American Stories